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Happy International Kissing Day! by CaineScroll
Happy International Kissing Day!
I.e. I just wanted an excuse to ship Con and Angel together. Don't judge me. owo

On a side note, today's National Fried Chicken Day too so there's an opportunity missed. //groans
Happy 4th of July! by CaineScroll
Happy 4th of July!
I was going to upload this earlier but my Internet decided that now was the perfect time to screw me over. ;_;
So depending on when you guys see this, hope you have/had a wonderful 4th of July. owo
Angel by CaineScroll
I can only vaguely remember the last time I attempted a "serious" attempt at a picture that's not doodly. That said, I'm really happy about the way this one turned out, though admittedly I think it's still not professional artbook quality just yet.

PS: Also I think I sold my soul in my sleep for this picture so if I go missing in ten years call the authorities.
Redhead Doodle by CaineScroll
Redhead Doodle
Doodle of my two redheaded characters, Angel and Reyna. I have a thing for redheads. Don't judge me. >w<
Reyna by CaineScroll
It's been almost 7 years since I last designed a character for a fantasy genre, so you could say I feel a little stunted doing it again. Anyways, this character was designed for my artist circle (do I call it a true "doujin" circle?), Monochrome Forest. The idea was to come up with an animal-themed character and somehow I ended up with a chi---bird. Naturally, I decided to make her a birdbrain to fit the image.

As for her name, it was the first thing that immediately came to mind when I was asked to design her (which took up like, I dunno, five minutes or so). Maybe there's a certain someone here who still manages to haunt me. owo
As the title goes this is probably gonna be a little long, so brace yourselves for a tl;dr moment guys~ >///<

Comic Fiesta was soooo fun, though I could do with less walking and standing and more planting my butt onto an actual chair uncontested for five minutes. Imagine trying to push your way through the crowd which moves only a few steps within a span of 10 minutes. Sheesh.

This also marks the first time I've ever sold merch at a booth, specifically T-shirts and badges; and judging by the near 800 bucks earned in my bag right now, I'd mark it off as a success. My boothmates were really fun (and really mental) people and it was probably worth degrading my IQ by sharing a space with them. Still, there were times where greed slightly took over and I found myself wishing that I'd sold everything I had at that point. Better luck next year!

Following this particular milestone is a second first (does that make sense?), where I participated in an artbook submission. Granted, it was only a twenty-ish-page book and I only contributed two pieces, it's still a big step compared to where I was a year ago, doing the occasional doodle and leaving my tablet untouched for days in a go. Now that CF is over I'm finally able to share it with you guys; be uploading them in a sec~ o//v//o

Cosplaying this year wasn't so much as putting on some robes and walking around as a Gryffindor student (I'm actually a Ravenclaw but the lions seem to have better publicity); it was a rather subtle attempt compared to last year where I spent loads of time, effort and money getting every nook and cranny of the costume right. And even with that I had to ditch the robes halfway through day one because the air conditioning isn't going to cool off tens upon thousands of people. I got to wear a shirt with my own art on it for the second day though, so I got that going for me, which is nice. //slapped

Most notably I got to meet Namie! *gimme some time to squeal* For most of the year I wasn't even aware she was going to be showing up at CF at all but when I finally got the news on Tumblr last month, I literally fanboyed. Her merch made the first strike on my wallet on both days, and she's actually really, really adorable when you actually talk to her. Hope she comes back for next year's CF!

OK now that the journal's done with, IT'S TIME TO UPLOAD EVERYTHING ASDFGHJKL


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